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WIRE- Sculpted bodies on the basketball team

By Jude

**you have entered the Mountaineer Basketball chat**

sir_wellington: It sure has been interesting being at WVU for four years now.

sir_wellington: I remember when I first started, I was a gangly skinny kid that barely knew where to stand on the floor.

its_in_ebanks: I feel you.

sir_wellington: Seriously, this is what I looked like then:

**sir_wellington is attempting to directly connect**

**sir_wellington is directly connected**


truck_me?_truck_you: damn son someone needed to show yo ass to the cheetos

the_butler_did_it: Yeah, but you aren't THAT much bigger now are you?

sir_wellington: pip, pip. check it:


mazzulla_oblongata: Jesus, Wells.

truck_me?_truck_you: damn i aint seen guns like that since i saw my boy gilbert arenas


truck_me?_truck_you: heh pick one heh that was funny

the_butler_did_it: Wells isn't the only one that got bigger though. Look at Kevin Jones over there:

keeping_up_with_da_kevinjoneses: what, what'd I do?

the_butler_did_it: Something's gotten into you, pushing around all these big boys inside and everything

keeping_up_with_da_kevinjoneses: hey I dont know what youre accusing me of. you dont look like you did your freshman year either.

keeping_up_with_da_kevinjoneses: i got pics- here's Da as a frosh:


the_butler_did_it: Hey, what can I say, I think we all owe a lot of love to that personal trainer huggs hired when he came to WVU a few years ago.

truck_me?_truck_you: what personal trainer? i aint seen no personal trainer

HuggUlongtime: That's because you were suspended indefinitely over the summer.

truck_me?_truck_you: oh, right

its_in_ebanks: where is that trainer anyway?

unspecified_trainer: I'm not here to talk about the past.

its_in_ebanks: Woah, we're not asking about the past. Truck just needs to get in the gym with you.

unspecified_trainer: Maybe he just needs to work harder.

mazzulla_oblongata: oh, great

truck_me?_truck_you: I ALREADY WORK AROUND THE CLOCK!!!
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Posted: 1/12/2010 5:31 pm  Updated: 1/12/2010 5:31 pm
Makin' it Rain
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From: Philthadelphia, PA
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 Re: WIRE- Sculpted bodies on the basketball team
Another great one, Jude!

"That's because you were suspended over the summer."
"Oh, right."
Posted: 1/12/2010 11:06 pm  Updated: 1/12/2010 11:06 pm
Joined: 7/21/2006
From: Boone County, WV
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 Re: WIRE- Sculpted bodies on the basketball team
This whole thing was funny but those two lines were the best.
Posted: 1/13/2010 7:16 am  Updated: 1/13/2010 7:16 am
Joined: 7/27/2006
From: Alkol, Lincoln County
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 Re: WIRE- Sculpted bodies on the basketball team
i personally think the pictures of wellington with the ball are hilarious
Posted: 2/19/2010 4:39 pm  Updated: 2/19/2010 4:39 pm
Grant Ave. Warrior
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 Re: WIRE- Sculpted bodies on the basketball team


remember me

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