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WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod

By Jude

**You have joined the Michigan Athletic Department Chat**

dickrod: Alright now, boys. I got me a blue chip prospect the likes of which you've never SEEN thats gonna come play football for the gold and blue.

dickrod: I mean the maize and blue.


my_favorite_martin: See, that's the kind of progress we expected to see when we brought you in here at a price that is looking increasingly flabbergasting considering the state of the economy in Michigan. Who is it?

dickrod: Glad you asked. Come on in, Greg!

les_paulus: Hey there, Coach.

my_favorite_martin: Wait, your big plan is to start a kid for one year that hasn't played football since Star Wars Episode III- Revenge of the Sith came out?

dickrod: I'm telling you. This kid had the goods back when I was coaching a team that had a winning record.

les_paulus: Well, actually Coach, I was coming here to tell you that I've decided to play for Syracuse this season.

dickrod: ...

les_paulus: Sorry, Coach. When it comes down to it, I just wanted to go somewhere where I could have a chance to play consistently, and Syracuse is my hometown.

dickrod: You can't be serious. You're gonna go play for those losers instead of the MICHIGAN WOLVERINES???

les_paulus: Actually, they finished with a 3-9 record just like you last year, Coach.

my_favorite_martin: So let me get this straight. Not only did you stain the reputation of the winningest program in college football history by leading them to their first bowl-less season in 33 years.

my_favorite_martin: Not only did you cause the transfers of two blue-chip QB's and one blue-chip offensive lineman.

my_favorite_martin: Not only did you cost the university millions of dollars to bring you in here.

my_favorite_martin: But you also recruited a 4-year basketball player to play QB for a single season, did so publicly, and didn't even get him to commit to Michigan?!?!?

dickrod: Sounds like someone needs to hold the rope.

my_favorite_martin: Hold this rope.

**You have entered the Syracuse Practice Field Chat**

the_red_barrone: Great to have you here, Greg. Let's get in a few throws here in practice.

les_paulus: I couldn't be more excited to be here, coach. Let me show you what I've got.

les_paulus: /throws football

**Vanilla_Thunder has entered the chat**

Vanilla_Thunder: /violently blocks les_paulus

Vanilla_Thunder: GET THAT S*** OUTTA HERE!!!

les_paulus: Aww, man. This again?

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Poster Thread
Posted: 5/14/2009 3:08 pm  Updated: 5/14/2009 3:08 pm
Makin' it Rain
Joined: 2/5/2008
Posts: 4446
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
Good stuff Jude! lol
Posted: 5/14/2009 5:28 pm  Updated: 5/14/2009 5:28 pm
Pitt Hater
Joined: 10/18/2006
From: Washington, DC
Posts: 1839
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
Solid, but not spectacular. Paulus and RR just aren't very emotionally deep or interesting characters to me.

I would have also liked something more ridiculous at the end.

Still, it got a good chuckle out of me. But not my favorite.
Posted: 5/14/2009 6:09 pm  Updated: 5/14/2009 6:09 pm
Party Machine
Joined: 1/2/2008
From: Morgantown
Posts: 691
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
I don't know.. I kind of liked the end..
Posted: 5/14/2009 6:53 pm  Updated: 5/14/2009 6:53 pm
Makin' it Rain
Joined: 2/10/2007
From: Raleigh Co./temp in motown since 5/10
Posts: 3030
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
Coach Stew needs to bring Joe A out of the NBA this year to defend Les Paulus from the goal_line.

Jude, keep up the good work.
Posted: 5/14/2009 9:35 pm  Updated: 5/14/2009 9:35 pm
Joined: 7/21/2006
From: Boone County, WV
Posts: 12965
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
The part about Joe Alexander is one of my favorite wire sequences ever.
Posted: 5/15/2009 12:32 am  Updated: 5/15/2009 12:32 am
Joined: 7/27/2006
From: Alkol, Lincoln County
Posts: 24872
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
the michigan coach. on this site again. never thought it would see it
Posted: 5/15/2009 11:37 am  Updated: 5/15/2009 11:37 am
Makin' it Rain
Joined: 1/6/2008
Posts: 3741
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod

MikeOly wrote:
Paulus and RR just aren't very emotionally deep or interesting characters to me.

Mike, maybe if you wrote backstories for the characters it would help.
Posted: 5/15/2009 12:30 pm  Updated: 5/15/2009 12:30 pm
Gettin' Schmitty
Joined: 1/25/2006
From: ohio via Panther WV
Posts: 9518
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
worth the wait. Now give me some Jock Sanders getting a DUI.
Posted: 5/15/2009 9:08 pm  Updated: 5/15/2009 9:08 pm
Makin' it Rain
Joined: 5/14/2008
Posts: 4794
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
Mike, maybe if you wrote backstories for the characters it would help.

LMAO He would still find something to complain about
Posted: 6/13/2009 12:55 pm  Updated: 6/13/2009 12:55 pm
Grant Ave. Warrior
Joined: 7/4/2008
From: Summersville, WV
Posts: 776
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
Ah...I see that some are not familiar with the ass kicking that Joe A gave Duke. When I heard that Paulus wanted to play football, all that I could think of was the over the top flopping and roughing the quarterback calls that Michigan (not) but Syracuse will receive. "Get this sh** out of here indeed."
Posted: 9/7/2009 6:07 pm  Updated: 9/7/2009 6:07 pm
Joined: 9/7/2009
From: StAlbans, WV
Posts: 15
 Re: WIRE- Paulus shuns Dickrod
On Saturday Paula looked like another losing qb for the Orange, while Rich trotted out two great FRESHMEN quarterbacks.....
Hmmm, let's see, Do ya want a one-year wonder or would ya rather have two great first-year guys...
RR is gonna take UM to the top in a short period of time.


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