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Message Board Rules - Please Read Before Posting
1/18/2006 10:18 am
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Welcome to WeMustIgniteThisCouch.Com. The forums are open and free for you to use to post your own thoughts, opinions, and to engage in as you see fit. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines and rules below before doing so. We do have moderators but please police yourself.

- Have fun and allow others to do the same
- Show respect for other members (or at least pretend to!)
- Use a sense of humor
- Make posts in the appropriate forum
- Attack ideas that you disagree with but refrain from attacking the person
- Remember that this is a public forum that may be viewed by kids or other users at work and tailor your posts appropriately
- Recognize that moderators are volunteering their time and are here to have fun too
- Follow the guidance of moderators (even when you disagree!)
- Send us suggestions on improving the site

- Be a jerk
- Use the site for spam or advertising
- Create new threads for topics that already exist
- Use racist or other bigoted language

- Violate another user’s privacy by posting their personal information using any service associated with the site (in forums, private messaging, chat serves, etc)
- Use threatening or abusive language toward another member
- Stalk or harass another member
- Post pornography or obscene material on the site or associated services
- Use the site in any way that breaks laws or exposes us to legal jeopardy
- Intentionally and repetitively break site rules and guidelines
- Take actions that undermine the success or integrity of the site or its members
- Do things that we have forgotten to list here but are deemed inappropriate or unwelcome on the site

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