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Ticket Costs
Makin' it Rain
10/2/2009 1:14 am
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Living in Charleston SC.

Wondering why the ticket costs to both games in NC this year are so absurd?

Tenn in Charlotte
NC State in Raleigh - starting at $150. Really?

Are these just early ticket costs or to be expected?

Posted on: 4/3 12:34 pm
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Re: Ticket Costs
Pitt Hater
4/24/2010 6:52 pm
From Philadelphia/West Virgina
Posts: 2154
I actually got to order early... My requests were pushed to worse seats because the demand is so large. Paid $70 upper level end zone... Better seats were only available to the big donors. Ticket prices are $60 - $200 for donors. Last year we decided to try our luck with stub hub for the VA Tech game & had a hard time getting affordable seats and paid more than we would have paid through WVU ticket office.... When both teams are close to the venue the prices on outside markets are going to be high.

WVU ticket office told me that requests for this game are greater than the VA Tech game. There are a lot of alumni in the North Carolina area...

I could rant about the ticket priority selling. I wouldn't mind if the donors actually all went and were fans... but many of these seats go to outside vendors or worse to non-fans who text and talk about stupid stuff and could care less that they were watching a Mountaineer game...

The ticket office is offering some type of exchange for tickets that were just sold (if available)... this is this week... I believe that if there are any left after donors get theirs they will be available to the public fairly soon... BUT I am not sure there will be any remaining.

Posted on: 4/3 4:01 pm
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Re: Ticket Costs
Here for the Beer
2/15/2012 9:53 pm
From Canton Ohio via Wellsburg WV
Posts: 310
Tennessee would sell out the game themselves without any WVU fans attending. When they played Virginia Tech last year over 150000 attended. If you ask me the ticket prices are cheap because of the demand. Look for the prices only to go up the closer to the game.

Posted on: 4/3 6:48 pm
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