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Makin' it Rain
8/2/2010 10:50 am
From Canonsburg, PA
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sg44gold wrote:
Actually, the play with Sags, he literally continued to move toward the shooter after the shooter released the ball, Sags put his hand out and pushed the shooter on the hip. You can barely see it on the game video because it happened after the shot.

It WAS a foul. And it was so late after the shooter released the ball that Hugs couldn't take it. There was no reason for Sags to reach out and make the contact, but he did it anyway. It had ZERO effect on the shot. It looked like Sags was just too lazy to stop himself so he continued forward into the shooter.

This is a big thing now that is being taught or at least is being acted on. The poke in the stomach and the poke on the hip or fake hit to the junk.

The reason that it is being done is that it can be hard to see if the official has a bad angle. It also creates complaints as being a "ticky-tac" foul but a hand in the stomach when you are stretched out shooting effects your shot as does the fake to the nuts. That is what is being attempted here: to throw off your concentration. The two important things to remember is that not all contact is a foul.....but all contact is an officiating decision, and the severity of the contact is irrelevant. Serious contact can NOT be a foul and this touch contact can be a very key foul.

Posted on: 12/12 12:14 pm
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